Making an Impact on Individuals and their Families: Meet Kahdejia Carter

To celebrate Direct Support Professional week, we asked a Bancroft DSP to describe the difference she makes — and why she loves what she does. Kahdejia Carter has been connected with Bancroft for two years, she has been in her most recent role for 8 months— read her interview below.

Kahdejia is a kind and hardworking individual who displays an incredible amount of patience. She also has an incredible openness and a willingness to learn, always asking the right questions and willing to jump in and help where needed. She currently works in the Jacob Schaefer Center, which has day and vocational programs for adults with autism and other intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Q: What inspired you to become a DSP?

What inspired me to become a DSP, is the opportunity to meet individuals from all walks of life and be able to be a part of some of their milestones and assist in exposing them to new personal growth opportunities.

Q: Describe the impact you make on the lives of the individuals and families you’ve met. 

The impact I make on the individuals I care for and their families is comfortability. I always make sure the family knows that their child is in good hands and to assure them that they are leading to a higher well being. As far as the individuals, the impact I have on them is helping them achieve their goals and making sure they get involved in the community and to help them cope with their everyday living and learning skills.

Q: What lessons have you learned throughout your career?

The important lessons I’ve learned are, to have patience you always have to make sure you’re there to reassure them and for them to know that you’re always on their side and not ever against them. Also, making sure that they’re well respected and that they’re involved in their communities.

Q: What is the biggest advice you have for new DSP’s?

The biggest advice I have for a new hire is to always have patience and an understanding. It’s the key to the job, remaining calm whenever you’re upset or frustrated. Also, take time to yourself when it’s needed. Lastly, be the individual’s biggest supporter in whatever they do.

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