“My success at Bancroft is about trust.” Meet Linda Miller

Linda Miller has been with Bancroft for more than three decades. In that time, she has filled various roles across Bancroft’s diverse programs – including a stint in Human Resources! Over the years, she continued to find her way back to direct support and currently serves as Therapeutic Activities Coordinator at Bancroft’s Judith B. Flicker Residences in Voorhees, N.J.

Linda’s depth and breadth of experiences working with individuals with diverse challenges equip her with a unique perspective on what makes working at Bancroft such an incredible experience.

Q. What is the most rewarding thing about the work you do?

A. Working at Bancroft has opened my heart and my mind to the idea that anything is possible. I strive to change people’s lives and make their experiences better than the day before – I couldn’t ask for a better reward!

Truly getting to know the individuals we support has profoundly changed my life.

Q. What is your favorite memory or experience working with the residents at Flicker?

A. Impossible to say! Every single day, I witness an extraordinary event I didn’t think was possible the day before. Whether a resident who was previously terrified of water jumps into the pool with confidence or an individual who struggles with mobility takes his first steps in weeks – we are fortunate to witness small miracles every day at Flicker.

Q. What do you think enables individuals to reach their potential here?

A. One word: passion. Each staff member believes something better lies just ahead. One better experience, one enhanced activity, one more meaningful communication – these are small building blocks of the fulfilled lives residents only imagined possible.

Q. What might surprise someone about the work you do?

A. While we do celebrate day-to-day achievements, my work isn’t about daily tasks. My success at Bancroft is about trust. When I foster personal relationships that enable residents to feel safe and cared for, I’ve truly succeeded.

Also, residents at Flicker teach me just as much as I teach them. Truly getting to know the individuals we support has profoundly changed my life. I’ve become more open, adaptable and confident than I ever imagined. If Plan A won’t work, I move to Plans B, C and D until we find the best solution. This quick-thinking and open-mindedness have served me well both within and outside Bancroft’s walls!

Q. What do you love to do outside of Bancroft?

A. I practice a healing style of yoga called Svaroopa that creates a deep release of tension throughout the body. Also, I love to travel! I’ve seen eight foreign countries and, as an artist, use travel time to get my creative juices flowing – I always sketch on planes!

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