Building a Sense of Community: Meet Rashida

After graduating from college, Rashida found an amazing opportunity at Bancroft. Starting her Bancroft journey at The Bancroft School, she grew her career within the organization and is now Program Director at the Judith B. Flicker Residences for Seniors. We asked Rashida a few questions, read her answers below! 

Q. How long have you been with Bancroft?

A. After graduating from Rutgers-Camden in 2007, I found an amazing opportunity at Bancroft and have been here ever since. I started out at The Bancroft School and worked my way up to Program Manager at the Judith B. Flicker Residences for Seniors where I feel I really make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Q. What is the most rewarding thing about the work you do?

A. The most rewarding thing about working at Flicker is watching the progress of those we serve. Every day we challenge them to learn new skills or techniques that will help with their daily lives. It’s exciting watching them succeed and do things they couldn’t before.

“I feel so happy when residents are able to learn and use new ways to communicate instead of being aggressive toward themselves or others.”

Q. What do you think enables individuals to reach their potential here?

A. I think having a strong support system encourages those we serve. They are more likely to succeed and reach their goals when someone is sticking by them the whole way through. Having staff who are gentle with our persons served helps build trust and a sense of community. And lastly, patience. As their caregivers, we need to have patience.

Q. What is your favorite memory or experience working with the residents at Flicker?

A. One of my favorite experiences would have to be M.P.’s* successful move from her previous group home to Flicker. M.P. is completely blind so her transition took some time, but my team and I worked every day to earn her trust and ensure she was safe and comfortable.

“She came to us having been at another group home for 26 years. Seeing her progress now, almost 2 years later, it’s amazing because when she first got here she didn’t want to go outside, she didn’t want to do anything.”

Q. What might surprise someone about the work you do?

A. That we have the opportunities to learn and enhance our own skills while helping those we serve. Since I started working at Bancroft I’ve been CPR certified, learned to cook for a large group of people, and began managing money efficiently. Bancroft has really helped mold me into a well-rounded individual.

Q. What do you love to do outside of Bancroft?

A. I love thrifting and creating outfits on a budget! I incorporate that into my job at Bancroft, especially when they have themed parties. It’s so easy to go and find anything you could possibly want for any type of party Flicker might be hosting for its residences.

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