Making My Brother Proud: Sean’s Story to Bancroft

From the time I was young, I have always wanted to help others. It came from wanting to help my older brother growing up, who had special needs. As a child I never saw him as different though, I just saw him as my brother. 

It was as I got older when I started to notice that he wasn’t like me. We went to two different schools and because of this, I always wanted him to do things with me and come to all of my school events. As I learned how to do things like write my name or my ABCs, I taught him how to do the same. 

When I was in sixth grade, my brother got very sick and ended up passing away. Since his passing, I’ve pushed myself to work hard and make him proud. 

It was important to me to teach him the same things I was learning, and make sure he was treated the same way I was.”

In college, I decided to go into the Human Services program and graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree. As I started applying for different jobs after graduation, I was lucky to find Bancroft in my search and applied! I started at Bancroft with no prior experience other than my college internships and helping out with my brother when I was younger. I really didn’t know what to expect in my role as an Education Program Associate but I was eager to learn. Bancroft provided job training from the very beginning and now 6.5 years later, continues to focus on the career growth and development of staff. Throughout my time at Bancroft, I’ve had the privilege of supporting children of all ages and participating in a wide range of events, such as the Special Olympics! I’m so appreciative of my role at Bancroft because I get to help the children we serve to achieve their goals. I get to watch them learn, grow and reach their fullest potential by teaching them life skills, reading, writing and so much more! 

I worked with one boy for over three years and saw him grow and become more independent. The highlight of my time with him was Prom Night — something that, at one time, seemed impossible. He got dressed up – and even joined everyone on the dance floor!”

It is not only the children that are learning, I too have learned that I can ask for help from my colleagues and strengthen my knowledge. By no means is my job easy, but I do my best every day and in the end, it’s extremely rewarding. 

Bancroft is hiring permanent full- and part-time positions in South Jersey, Greater Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware, to work in residential settings with children and adults.
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