Gaining Confidence and Growing Leadership Skills Through Bancroft’s Leadership Academy

I started at Bancroft in August 2018 and have been with the organization for over 3 years. When I first began my new role as a program manager in the Fall of 2021, I knew I would have to improve in certain areas to build my leadership skills. I recognized Leadership Academy would be the perfect opportunity to become a better leader in my new position.  

My mentor at the time suggested I would be a great member of this program, and having that kind of support encouraged me to enroll immediately. After attending my first session, which was an overview of the type of things I would be doing in the program, I was excited but a bit nervous at the same time. It was a six-month commitment of presentations, homework assignments, and things I wasn’t initially thrilled about.

I now have the confidence to move forward professionally and personally.

Adisa with an individual served.

Leadership Academy gave me so many tools that I could use as a program manager. I learned about things like how to use my emotional intelligence effectively and  tools for having crucial conversations with my staff members and in everyday life. I worked on my public speaking skills by presenting in a larger group; I learned the importance of knowing how and when to delegate my workload. This helped me tremendously to learn how to develop the members of my team to succeed in their own positions. I was matched with a mentor, who helped me with my highs and lows throughout the program and challenges I faced both personally and professionally.

The best part about joining the Leadership Academy program was growing my leadership abilities with the members of the academy. It made me realize the importance of my voice and its impact on my fellow classmates. Everyone in the group was so supportive of each other’s growth, and it was very motivating having a close-knit group rooting for you. I now have the confidence to move forward professionally and personally. I’m happy to say I have finally completed this journey and am excited to use everything I learned in my everyday life. I am genuinely grateful for the program, and I recommend that anyone new to our company or new in their current position enroll!

Bancroft Leadership AcademyBancroft’s Leadership Academy: 

At Bancroft, it’s critical that our leaders are set up for success. Strong leadership skills ultimately impact our teams, and the people we support. The Leadership Academy is designed to meet the development needs at ALL levels of the organization – from future leaders to executives. The primary goal is to transfer learning to the real work environment. This transfer will positively impact individual, team and organizational results. The goal is to strengthen our leaders and future leaders to drive results that will ultimately contribute to high performance. You must be employed with the organization for at least 6 months and no active performance issues to apply.

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