Using Bancroft’s Tuition Reimbursement to Finish Her Degree: Dara’s Story

My name is Dara. I am a program manager for the Delaware program. I have been with Bancroft for the past four years, and I love what I do. The interaction with the individuals and the staff are something I look forward to every day.

To come to work and know that I can make a difference to enhance the lives of people so many take for granted is something you cannot get in a factory or working construction. This is real life.

The time we take to teach the people we serve, to encourage them and to keep them safe are the values they adapt to on a daily basis. In 2018, I was a Maggie winner, something I had never even thought about. In my years at Bancroft, I have learned that the individuals we serve are just as important as the people who work for the organization.

I talked to my Senior Director about returning and finishing my degree. During the conversation, she said, “Why don’t you return, finish and use the Bancroft Tuition Reimbursement that Bancroft offers?” I did just that!

I am now encouraging the staff that work for me to do the same thing. It was actually a blessing because although I only had 3 classes left, I paid nothing out of pocket and did not use all of the allocated money Bancroft gave for the year. I enjoy working for Bancroft and I am always recruiting and looking for good people wherever I go.

Dara graduated with her Master’s degree in December 2021. Congratulations, Dara! 

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